• Entity

    Entity List final rule published 6/24/19 (84 FR 29371)

  • Lexington

    Lexington Man and Semiconductor Company Indicted for Theft of Trade Secrets

  • Commerce

    Commerce Launches New 232 Exclusions Portal

  • Morris

    Morris County Woman Admits Conspiring With Iranian National To Illegally Export Aircraft Components To Iran

  • Two

    Two Indictments Unsealed Charging Iranian Citizen with Violating U.S. Export Laws and Sanctions Against Iran

  • Cuba:

    Cuba: Restricting the Temporary Sojourn of Aircraft and Vessels

  • Registration

    Registration is Open for the BIS 2019 Annual Conference on Export Controls July 9-11, 2019 Washington, D.C.

  • Revisions

    Revisions to Country Group Designations for Venezuela and Conforming Changes for License Requirements.

  • Implementation

    Implementation of Certain New Controls on Emerging Technologies Agreed at Wassenaar Arrangement 2018 Plenary.

  • Middlesex

    Middlesex County Man Admits Participation in Conspiracy to Illegally Export Firearms and Other Items to Ukraine

  • Temporary

    Temporary General License final rule, effective May 20, 2019.

  • Addition

    Addition of Certain Entities to the Entity List (final rule), effective May 16, 2019.

  • Addition

    Addition of Certain Entities to the Entity List, Revision of an Entry on the Entity List and Removal of an Entity from the Entity List (final rule) 5/14/19 (84 FR 21233)

OEE Mission Statement

OEE mission_statement


Informed, voluntary compliance with U.S. export controls by the export trade community is an important contribution to U.S. National Security and a key component of BIS’s export administration and enforcement programs.  All parties to U.S. export transactions must ensure their exports fully comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.  Compliance not only involves controlled goods and technologies, but also restrictions on shipping to certain countries, companies, organizations, and/or individuals.  BIS works closely with the export trade community to raise awareness of compliance best practices and “red flags” of potential illicit activities, and to identify and act on export violations.

An Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP) can assist you in developing and implementing procedures to stay in compliance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).  See EMCP for more information.

Sentinel Program:

Many end-use checks are conducted through BIS' Sentinel Program. Trained OEE Special Agents are deployed from the United States to countries to visit the end-users of sensitive controlled commodities and determine whether these items are being used in accordance with license conditions. Sentinel teams assess the suitability of foreign end-users to receive U.S.-origin licensed goods and technology, assess prospective end-users on pending license applications for diversion risk, and conduct educational outreach to foreign trade groups. In this way, Sentinel trips help to create the confidence needed to foster trade while strengthening U.S. national security.

Outreach Program:

The purpose of the Outreach program is to prevent illegal exports by educating industry about export controls and eliciting industry’s cooperation in protecting our national security and foreign policy objectives.  An Outreach contact is a one-on-one visit with the representative of a company.  It is normally done in person, but under certain instances, it can be conducted over the phone. The types of companies contacted include, but are not limited to, manufacturers, exporters, and freight forwarders.


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