Validated End User Program FAQs  


Authorization Validated End-User (VEU) reduces the licensing burden on industry by allowing U.S. exporters to ship designated items to pre-approved entities under a general authorization instead of under multiple individual export licenses.

Being approved for VEU status enables entities in VEU-approved countries to receive U.S.-controlled products and technologies more easily, quickly, and reliably.

Validated End-Users:

  • Receive shipments of designated items subject to the EAR on an expedited basis. After receiving an order from a Validated End-User for an item listed in the EAR as eligible for that Validated End-User, any exporter may immediately ship that item under Authorization VEU instead of having to apply for an individual validated license.
  • Have more certainty and reliability regarding the receipt of items subject to the EAR that are included in their VEU authorizations. If an item is included in an entity’s VEU authorization, there is no uncertainty about whether a license application will be approved because individual licenses are not required for the shipment of pre-approved eligible items to Validated End-Users.

Please see the following for specific information on the Validated End-User program: 



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