Sentinel Program:

Many end-use checks are conducted through BIS's Sentinel Program. OEE special agents travel from the United States to host countries to visit parties involved with EAR transactions, and conduct bona fides reviews and determine whether these items are being used in accordance with U.S. export regulations.

Sentinel teams accomplish this goal by: assessing the suitability of transaction parties to receive and/or facilitate EAR items; evaluating prospective transaction parties on pending license applications for diversion risk; and determining the disposition of EAR items. Additionally, Sentinel teams conduct educational outreach to foreign companies and liaise with host government officials. Sentinel trips help to create the confidence needed to foster secure trade while strengthening U.S. national security.


Outreach Program:

The purpose of the outreach program is to prevent illegal exports by educating industry about export controls and enlisting industry’s cooperation in protecting our national security and foreign policy objectives.  An outreach is a one-on-one visit with the representative of a company.  It is normally done in person, but in certain instances it is conducted over the phone. OEE seeks to outreach all parties involved in export activity to include, but not limited to, manufacturers, exporters, and freight forwarders. See the Outreach Packet for more information.

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