SNAP Redesign (SNAP-R) includes: enhanced security, ability to attach supporting documents electronically, user access rights and account management, and the ability for BIS Licensing Officers to view work items and supporting documents electronically.

Access SNAP-R

Access SNAP-R training videos here!

BIS' SNAP-R is available at no cost to the exporting community. With SNAP-R you have:

  • The ability to attach supporting documents to online export license application submissions by uploading files through the web interface;
  • Enhanced system security and improved authentication;
  • Email notification capability to support exporter and staff correspondence, acknowledgements, and validations;
  • The capability to copy and re-use work item and supporting documents; and
  • The capability to share work items within the same company (based on user rights management).

SNAP-R gives you the ability to:

  • Submit export and re-export applications, and commodity classification requests via the Internet in a secure environment;
  • Receive same-day acknowledgment of your submission; and
  • Obtain online validations (e.g. electronic facsimile of export license) from BIS.


  • Internet access and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later with Active Scripting, session cookies, and PDF file download enabled (default configuration);
  • A PDF Reader, such as Adobe® Reader®, if you want to read previously uploaded supporting documents online; and
  • Company Identification Number (CIN) and an active user account.

If you have not submitted to BIS electronically in the past, you will need to obtain a Company Identification Number (CIN). Detailed procedures for obtaining a CIN and user account are set forth in Section 748.7 of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

If you have any questions on SNAP-R, you may email us.

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