Kevin J. Kurland
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement


Kevin J. Kurland Headshot

Mr. Kurland is responsible for implementing BIS’s export enforcement program, overseeing a dedicated team of analysts and Special Agents that enforce BIS’s export control and antiboycott missions. BIS Special Agents are located in 30 domestic locations and seven embassies/consulates around the globe.

Mr. Kurland previously served as BIS’s Deputy Chief of Staff-Policy for the Under Secretary for Industry and Security from 2019-2021, Director of the Office of Enforcement Analysis from 2011-2021, and member of the White House Task Force on Export Control Reform from 2009-2017.

Mr. Kurland also previously served BIS as Acting Chief of Staff for Export Administration from 2009-2011, Director of the Office of Technology Evaluation from 2006-2011, and Director of the Treaty Compliance Division from 2002-2006.

Prior to joining BIS in 1997, he worked as an international trade analyst at Graham & James, LLC.

Mr. Kurland holds an M.A. in Comparative Regional Studies Europe from The American University and a B.A. in International Relations from Syracuse University.

In December 2021, Mr. Kurland was awarded the Presidential Rank Meritorious Executive Award.


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