The Office of Technology Evaluation (OTE) conducts focused reviews of key existing and emerging technologies to inform decisions on implementing dual-use export controls in a manner that maintains the competitiveness and economic viability of those U.S. technology sectors. The reviews examine the scope of current export controls, economic status of the technology sector, foreign availability, and foreign export control practices. Technologies for review can be proposed by licensing offices, industry, Technical Advisory Committees (TACs), and others.

BIS uses the results of these analyses to focus controls on sensitive (existing and emerging) technologies, facilitate exports of controlled technologies to appropriate end-users, and estimate the economic impact of regulatory changes on exporters.

Completed Critical Technology Assessments:

icon Night Vision Focal Plane Arrays, Sensors and Cameras -- October 2012

icon Impact of U.S. Export Controls on Green Technology Items -- August 2010

icon Fine Grain, High Density Graphite -- April 2010

icon Five Axis Simultaneous Control Machine Tools -- July 2009

icon Certain Aromatic Polyimides -- July 2007

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