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The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) encourages exporting companies to establish an Export Compliance Program (ECP). Developing an effective ECP is an invaluable way a company can contribute to U.S. national security and nonproliferation priorities while protecting vital company interests. Establishing an ECP is not a guarantee that an export violation will not occur, but it minimizes the risk of noncompliance and is a map to consistent export compliance.


Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) training seminars give you the opportunity to learn first-hand from experienced U.S. Government officials about export control policies, regulations and practices. BIS offers introductory courses on the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) as well as in-depth courses on specific topics of interest. The instructors are experienced export administration and regulatory policy specialists, engineers, and enforcement personnel from BIS as well as appropriate representatives from other agencies. BIS also conducts annual export control conferences where senior U.S. Government officials discuss current export control issues. In addition, an extensive library of online training modules and pre-recorded webinars is available through this website for you to study at your convenience.


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