BIS Information Technology Strategic Plan 2021-2026



BIS’s efforts over the next few years will maximize the effectiveness of export controls and promote continued U.S. strategic technology leadership. BIS OCIO must strive to reflect the country’s technology leadership in its own application of technology to the regulatory and business practices supporting the mission.

Organizational evolution involves changes not only to the technology itself, but the structure and strategy in how technology is integrated into the business. Technology is critical to supporting the regulatory and enforcement environment as it adopts to the constantly changing tactics and adversarial use of tech. Technology is necessary to streamline and optimize regulatory and business processes. Technology is needed to enhance and maximize collaboration with current and new stakeholders, both domestic and international. And technology and data are foundational to enhancing decision making, compliance, and analysis required for top performance.

The mission needs of BIS inspires OCIO to become a preeminent technology partner, primed to ensure our bureau remains a linchpin tool for policy makers. As the environment where policy and action increasingly require both speed and finesse, OCIO needs to ensure the organization is supported technologically to execute effectively and accurately.

Our future vision is described in the below link. We hope this strategic plan, alongside a solid framework from which to operate, will lay the path for BIS OCIO’s evolution over the next five years and beyond.


BIS Information Technology - Strategic Plan 2021-2026



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