Germany (Formerly Moscow ECO) ECO Areas of Responsibility:
1. Belarus
2. Czech Republic
3. Estonia
4. Finland 
5. Hungary
6. Latvia
7. Lithuania
8. Moldova
9. Poland
10. Russia
11. Serbia
12. Slovakia
13. Ukraine

Germany (Europe) ECO Areas of Responsibility:
1. Germany
2. Austria
3. Belgium
4. France
5. Italy
6. Netherlands
7. Portugal
8. Spain
9. Sweden
10. Switzerland*
11. United Kingdom 
*Malta and Switzerland are not in ECO Areas of Responsibility, but information is provided.




All items listed by the Australia Group, Missile Technology Control Regime, Nuclear Suppliers Group, and Wassenaar Arrangement are subject to export control in Germany. Germany implements the European Dual Use Export Control Annex. Export licensing in Germany is the responsibility of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

EU Dual-Use Regulation 428/2009 will be superseded effective September 9, 2021 by EU Regulation 2021/821:

EU Dual Use Annex:

Germany Export Control Overview:
BAFA - Export Control

Online Licensing System (ELAN-K2):;jsessionid=DKlr3PuLy0g2ZPhO0B2vwJUt9VKi_vVsabFKGilv.vm1785

GERMANY BUSINESS REGISTRY;jsessionid=FE3C125EB2507D6F0300AE7754CE2308.tc05n02?Typ=n

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