The Office of Enforcement Analysis (OEA) supports the Export Enforcement (EE) mission by evaluating all sources of information, including publicly available and government-privileged information to:

  1. Provide information to BIS and the interagency export control community to inform adjudication of export control license applications;
  2. Promote U.S. exports by preventing the diversion or misuse of export controlled items abroad through end-use checks, outreach, and cooperation with foreign governments;
  3. Identify potential violators of export control laws that imperil U.S. national security;
  4. Support law enforcement actions that could result in both criminal and civil penalties, thereby encouraging compliance with the U.S. export control regime.

OEA is headed by Director Linda Minsker who oversees the four divisions to include: Investigative Analysis Division (IAD), the International Operations Division (IOD), the Strategic Intelligence Division (SID), and the Export Control Officer Program (ECO).

Contact Information:

Linda Minsker, Director                             

Office of Enforcement Analysis

Bureau of Industry and Security  
U.S. Department of Commerce  
1401 Constitution Avenue, NW  
Room 4065  
Washington, D.C. 20230  
Tel. (202) 482-4255  
Fax (202) 482-0971  


What do we do?

OEA analysts perform research and analysis to identify instances of diversion and persons involved in the diversion of U.S. items for unauthorized purposes, and works within BIS and with other agencies to impair, impede, and prevent the diversion or misuse of export-controlled items. OEA's focus is on uncovering the diversion of items that relate to top-tier national security threats, such as Weapons of Mass Destruction proliferators, terrorist groups or state supporters of terrorism, and potential adversary states.


Would you like to work in the Office of Enforcement Analysis?

The skills required to serve as an OEA intelligence or enforcement analyst include the ability to:

  • Conduct all-source research pursuant to obtaining all relevant information against an assigned target.
  • Utilize office suite computer applications and master multiple database and computer systems for recordation, analysis, targeting, and exposition.
  • Work effectively and in coordination with other highly-trained professionals in BIS, other law enforcement, intelligence, defense, diplomatic, and regulatory agencies, and embassies abroad.
  • Communicate accurately, concisely, and cogently in writing and speech.
  • Have or be eligible to obtain the highest-level security clearances.

If you have these skills and abilities and seek the challenge of the OEA mission, click here to be taken to USAJobs to search for positions within OEA as they are available and posted.

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