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Notifcation Advance Computing (NAC) Process Available

In addition to the guidance in 740.8 (2) (c) the following three additional data points are required:

  • Total Processing Performance of the item, as defined in 3A090

  • Performance density of the item, as defined in 3A090; and

  • Data sheet or other documentation showing how the item is designed and marketed (in particular, whether it is designed or marketed for datacenter or consumer use) 

Other guidance: 

  • The NAC notification is limited to six items. BIS recommends limiting the notification to one model number per notification. 

  • Only one ultimate consignee and one end user is allowed.  Notifications which include more will be returned without action.  A distributor may not be a party to the NAC notification.

You can track the NAC notification progress in STELA.  If your NAC is approved you will receive a NAC authorization number (Axxxxxx) to be used in your AES filing.

Exporters/reexporters should select export or reexport in box 5 - not "other" as indicated in the regulations. Be sure to add NAC in box 9.  


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