The United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires authorization for imports and exports of all items subject to the Australia Group, the Missile Technology Control Regime, the Nuclear Suppliers Group, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. In addition, consent is required for the transit/transhipment of Nuclear Suppliers Group-controlled items. These requirements apply equally in the free trade zones. The UAE licensing authority for nuclear-related items is the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR). The UAE licensing authority for military items is the Ministry of Defence. The licensing authority for other strategic goods and dual-use chemicals is the Committee for Goods & Materials Subjected to Import and Export Control, also known as the Export Control Executive Office (ECEO).

UAE Export Control Links:

UAE Export Control Requirements and Best Practice Guidelines for U.S. Exporters: https://bis.doc.gov/index.php/policy-guidance/foreign-import-export-license-requirements/united-arab-emirates

UAE Country Commercial Guide: https://www.trade.gov/knowledge-product/united-arab-emirates-market-overview?section-nav=2758

FANR License Application Portal for Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Items:

https://elicense.fanr.gov.ae/ ; https://fanr.gov.ae/en/services/elicensing

FANR Regulations and Guides for Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Items:


FANR Contact Information for Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Licensing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FANR Contact Information for Radiation Source Licensing (for certain pulsed neutron generators controlled by ECCN 3A231): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Export Control Executive Office (ECEO): https://www.uaeiec.gov.ae/en-us/

ECEO Contact Information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UAE Business License Search Links:

UAE Ministry of Economy, National Economic Register: https://ner.economy.ae/Search_By_BN.aspx

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development: https://www.abudhabi.ae/portal/public/en/business/business_startup_and_operationalisation/commercial_licensing/service72?docName=ADEGP_DF_124164_EN&_adf.ctrl-state=fyz1r9y09_4&_afrLoop=18012045329969392#!

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry: https://www.abudhabichamber.ae/

Ajman Department of Economic Development: https://eservices.ajmanded.ae/en/OnlineInquiries/ViewLicenseData

Dubai Department of Economic Development: https://www.dubaichamber.com/resources/commercial-directory

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry: https://www.dubaichamber.com/resources/commercial-directory

Dubai Free Zone Directories: https://eservices.dubaitrade.ae/clientdirectory/clientsSearch.do

Dubai International Financial Centre Directory: https://www.difc.ae/browse-directory

Dubai Airport Free Zone https://www.dafz.ae/en/

Fujairah Chamber of Commerce: https://www.onlinechamber.ae/english.php

Fujairah Free Zone Directory: https://www.fujairahfreezone.com/investors-corner/listed-companies--investors/

Ras al Khaimah Department of Economic Development: https://ded.rak.ae/en/Pages/default.aspx

Ras al Khaimah Investment Authority: https://rakez.com/en/

Sharjah Department of Economic Development: https://www.sedd.ae/web/sedd/home

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce: https://www.sharjah.gov.ae/

Sharjah Airport Free Zone Directory: https://www.saif-zone.com/en/InvestorLounge/Pages/Investors.aspx


Red Flags pertaining to exports into the UAE.  If you come across any of these perform some extra diligence and contact the ECO in Dubai for support.

  • Where is the buyer located? Have you searched the address on the internet? Does it come back to the purported business? If they claim they are a manufacturing facility does the address come back to a freight forwarder or office complex?
  • How is the customer paying for the merchandise? The UAE requires that individuals and businesses provide their business license when wiring money to the U.S. for merchandise. Is the business you’re selling to also the business that is wiring the money to you? If not, why? Perhaps the customer you’re dealing with does not have an active business license in the UAE. Ask them to send you a copy of their business license.
  • Does the customer seem unfamiliar with your products? Does the customer state that they trade in aircraft parts but seem to have little knowledge of the industry?
  • If a potential customer learns that you do not export items to Iran and instead insists that you ship them to a company in the UAE, odds are high that the items could be transshipped to Iran.
  • Be attentive to IP addresses originating in Iran and phone numbers with Iran country code +98.

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