• Frequently

    Frequently Asked Questions Product Exclusions for Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

  • Addition

    Addition of an Entity to the Entity List (RIN 0694-AH67) (final rule) 10/30/18 (83 FR 54519)

  • Wassenaar

    Wassenaar Arrangement 2017 Plenary Agreements Implementation (Final Rule)

  • Request

    Request for Public Comments Regarding Foreign Disposition of Certain Commodities (Notice of Inquiry) 10/23/18 (83 FR 53411)

  • Suburban

    Suburban Chicago Man Guilty of Trying to Illegally Export Guns and Ammunition to Haiti

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    BIS Annual Conference 2019 – Call for Your Suggestions

  • Texas

    Texas Resident Sentenced in South Florida to More Than 6 Years in Prison for Violations of the Cuban Embargo

  • Addition

    Addition of Certain Entities to the Entity List, Revision of an Entry on the Entity List and Removal of an Entity From the Entity List

  • Connecticut

    Connecticut Business Owner Sentenced for Export Violation

  • Change

    Change in Comment Deadline for Section 232 National Security Investigation of Imports of Uranium (notice) 9/10/18 (83 FR 45595)

  • Addition

    Addition of Certain Persons to the Entity List, Revision of Entries on the Entity List and Removal of Certain Entities From the Entity List (final rule) 9/4/18 (83 FR 44821)

  • Submissions

    Submissions of Exclusion Requests and Objections to Submitted Requests for Steel and Aluminum (interim final rule) 9/11/18 (83 46026)

  • Exclusion

    Exclusion Requests for Expedited Relief from Quantitative Limits – Existing Contract Update

  • Revisions

    Revisions to the Export Administration Regulations Based on the 2017 Missile Technology Control Regime Plenary Agreements (RIN 0694-AH46) (final rule) 8/30/18 (83 FR 44216).

  • BIS

    BIS publishes notice of inquiry "Commerce Control List: Request for Comments Regarding Controls on Certain Spraying or Fogging Systems and ‘Parts’ and ‘Components’ Therefore."

  • Revision

    Revision of Export and Reexport License Requirements for Republic of South Sudan Under the Export Administration Regulations (RIN 0694-AH52)

  • U.S.-India

    U.S.-India Major Defense Partners: Implementation Under the Export Administration Regulations of India’s Membership in the Wassenaar Arrangement and Addition of India to Country Group A:5 (RIN 0694-AH49) (final rule) 8/3/18 (83 FR 38018)

  • Addition

    Addition of Certain Entities; and Modification of Entry on the Entity List (RIN 0694-AH42) (final rule) 8/1/18 (83 FR 37423)

  • Published

    Published notice for 232 Uranium Investigation 83 FR 35205

  • Section

    Section 232 National Security Investigation of Aluminum Imports - Information on the Exclusion and Objection Process

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Office of Congressional and Public Affairs

Temporary Denial Order Issued for Illegal Export of Crime Control items to Russia and China

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) today issued a Temporary Denial Order (TDO) suspending the export privileges of X-TREME Motors LLC, XTREME Outdoor Store, Tyson Preece, Corey Justin Preece and Toby Green for 180 days.

X-TREME Motors and XTREME Outdoors, located in West Haven, Utah, have repeatedly engaged in conducted prohibited by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) by exporting items controlled for crime control reasons without the required BIS licenses to various destinations including Russia and China. In order to evade detection by law enforcement, the companies have intentionally provided false information on Customs Declarations by stating packages contain various ATV parts. Since September 1, 2014, the U.S. Government has identified over 200 shipments exported or intended for export where X-TREME mislabeled the contents. The U.S. Government has detained approximately 50 of those shipments, including approximately 20 shipments of rifle scopes to destinations that would require an export license from BIS. Corporate registration documents with Utah Secretary of State's Office list Tyson Preece, Corey Justin Preece and Toby Green as officers of X-TREME Motors LLC..


Temporary Denial Orders are issued by the Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement, denying any or (typically) all of the export privileges of a company or individual to prevent an imminent or on-going export control violation. These orders are issued for a renewable 180-day period and cut off not only the right to export from the United States, but also the right to receive or participate in exports from the United States.

BIS controls exports and re-exports of dual-use commodities, technology and software for reasons of national security, missile technology, nuclear non-proliferation, chemical and biological non-proliferation, crime control and regional stability. Criminal and administrative sanctions can be imposed for violations of the Export Administration Regulations. For more information, please visit www.bis.doc.gov.



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