A ‘network infrastructure’ commodity or software is . . .

Any “end item,” commodity or “software” for providing one or more of   the following types of communications:”

              (a) Wide Area Network (WAN);

              (b) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN);

              (c) Virtual Private Network (VPN);

              (d) Satellite;

              (e) Digital packet telephony/media (voice, video, data) over Internet protocol;

              (f) Cellular; or   

              (g) Trunked.

Note 1 to paragraph 2: ‘Network infrastructure’ end items are typically operated by, or for, one or more of the following types of end users:

              (1) Medium- or large- sized businesses or enterprises;

              (2) Governments;

              (3) Telecommunications service providers; or

              (4) Internet service providers.

Note 2 to paragraph 2: Commodities, software, and components for the “cryptographic activation” of a ‘network infrastructure’ item are also considered ‘network infrastructure’


What is network infrastructure under License Exception ENC 740.17(b)(2)(i)(A)?

Only one of the 'Network infrastructure' criteria (740.17(b)(2)(i)(A)) should apply to a product. Below is a chart summarizing the type of product and criteria that applies to items using over 80 bit cryptography.





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