• (11/24/2021)

    (11/24/2021) : Commerce Lists Entities Involved in the Support of PRC Military Quantum Computing Applications, Pakistani Nuclear and Missile Proliferation, and Russia’s Military

  • (11/18/2021)

    (11/18/2021) : BIS publishes 232 Vanadium Report Notice

  • (11/18/2021)

    (11/18/2021) : BIS publishes 232 Transformers and Transformer Components (GOES) Report Notice

  • (11/16/2021)

    (11/16/2021) : Jury Convicts Naval Flight Officer Of Firearms Conspiracy And Lying During Security Clearance Background Investigation

  • (11/12/2021)

    (11/12/2021) : New FAQs on Cyber Tools Rule

  • (11/9/2021)

    (11/9/2021) : Commerce Adds NSO Group and Other Foreign Companies to Entity List for Malicious Cyber Activities

  • (11/8/2021)

    (11/8/2021) : BIS Imposes Administrative Penalty Of $80,000 And Audit Requirements To Resolve Allegations Of Unlicensed Shipments To Huawei And Related Entities

  • (11/4/2021)

    (11/4/2021) : BIS publishes an update to the Entity List

  • (10/28/2021)

    (10/28/2021) : New Foreign Direct Product Rule FAQ - see “Supply Chain FAQ 4”

  • (10/27/2021)

    (10/27/2021) : Chicago Tech Executive Guilty of Illegally Exporting Computer Equipment to Pakistan

  • (10/26/2021)

    (10/26/2021) : BIS publishes an ANPRM "Request for Comments Concerning the Imposition of Export Controls on Certain Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Emerging Technology

  • (10/26/2021)

    (10/26/2021) : Virtual Forum for Risks in the Information Communication Technology Supply Chain

  • (10/26/2021)

    (10/26/2021) : BIS publishes 232 Titanium Sponge Report Notice

  • (10/22/2021)

    (10/22/2021) : South Florida Residents Convicted of Attempting to Illegally Export Controlled Items to Libya

  • (10/22/2021)

    (10/22/2021) : Clarifications of Availability and Expansion of Restrictions on Availability of License Exception Strategic Trade Authorization Under the Export Administration Regulations proposed rule; comments due by 12/6/2021

  • (10/20/2021)

    (10/20/2021) : Joint U.S.-EU Stakeholders Virtual Outreach on Dual-Use Export Controls: October 27, 2021

  • (10/20/2021)

    (10/20/2021) : Interim final rule with request for comments: Information Security Controls: Cybersecurity Items

  • (10/20/2021)

    (10/20/2021) : Commerce Tightens Export Controls on Items Used in Surveillance of Private Citizens and other Malicious Cyber Activities

  • (10/20/2021)

    (10/20/2021) : Fraudster Convicted in Maryland After Seven Day Trial for Federal Money Laundering Conspiracy Charges Related to International Fraud

  • (10/14/2021)

    (10/14/2021) : BIS to publish Notice of Virtual Forum for Risks in the Information Communication Technology Supply Chain

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Complying with U.S. Export Controls January 12-13, 2022

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January 12-13 Complying with U.S. Export Controls 


This two-day program is led by BIS's professional counseling staff and provides an in-depth examination of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The program will cover the information exporters need to know to comply with U.S. export control requirements on commercial goods, and other items subject to the EAR.

We will focus on what items and activities are subject to the EAR, how to determine your export control classification number (ECCN), steps to take to determine the export licensing requirements for your item, when you can export or reexport without applying for a license, export clearance procedures, and record keeping requirements.


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The Bureau of Industry and Security


Update 2015

November 2-4, 2015

The annual Update Conference on Export Controls and Policy gives the exporting community the opportunity to learn first-hand from senior U.S. Government officials about current issues and trends in export control policies, regulations and practices. This major outreach activity draws business and government representatives from around the world to learn and exchange ideas about export control issues. It provides the opportunity to network with colleagues in the export control industry, interact with U.S. Government officials, and learn about programs and services offered by U.S. Government and industry exhibitors. It is one of the Department’s most notable international trade events.

Exhibit opportunities are available. The exhibit hall will be open during the entire conference: on Monday, November 2 and Tuesday, November 3 from 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., and on Wednesday, November 4 from 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Update will be held at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive your confirmation receipt. Your confirmation will include a link to complete room registrations at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

For additional information on Update 2015, you may contact the Outreach and Educational Services Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or (202) 482-6031.


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