Special Topics Training Modules and Other Archived Webinars

Deemed Exports Module: 
Introduction to BIS Deemed Export Policies (35:24)


Antiboycott Compliance Module:
Overview of the Antiboycott Provisions of the Export Administration Regulations (15:19)

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The following archived webinar broadcasts are available for viewing free of charge. The slide presentation is also available in PDF format to download and print.

Encryption webinar - Overview of the June 25, 2010 amendments to EAR
Video | Final Rule| Encryption

September 16, 2009
Elements of an Effective Export Compliance Program
Video | PDF

July 16, 2009
Special Comprehensive License Webinar
Video | PDF

June 22, 2009
EAR Compliance Webinar in Automated Export System Electronic Export Information Filings
Video | PDF

November 25, 2008
Encryption Rule Webinar
Video | PDF

May 28, 2008
Embargoes and Other Sanctions Webinar
Video | PDF

April 15, 2008
Deemed Export Advisory Committee Report
Video | PDF

October 18, 2007
An Introduction to Commercial Export Licensing Requirements (Spanish Language Version)
Video | PDF

August 29, 2007
Intermediate Deemed Exports
Video | PDF

June 20, 2007
Revisions and Clarification of Export and Reexport Controls for the People's Republic of China (PRC); New Authorization Validated End-User; Revision of the Import Certificate and PRC End-User Statement Requirements
Video | PDF

May 15, 2007
An Introduction to Commercial Export Licensing Requirements
Video | PDF

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Other Resources  

Department of Treasury Links and Information on 1976 Tax Reform Act:

Boycott Provision of the Internal Revenue Code 26, USC Sec. 999

Department of Treasury Guidelines Concerning International Boycotts

Boycott Guidelines
43 FR 3454
44 FR 66272
49 FR 18061
52 FR 2511

Information Concerning Treasury Guidelines:

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Room 2015
Washington, DC 20220
(202) 622-1945