For complete description of ECCNs and reasons for control, please refer to Commerce Control List (Supplement No. 1 to Part 774 of the EAR).


Chemicals, Chemical Mixtures & Test Kits:

1C350, 1C355, 1C395, 1C995 , 1C999

Biological Agents:

1C351, 1C353, 1C354

Vaccines, Biopharmaceuticals:

1C991, 1C995

Production Equipment:

2B352: Biological Production & Containment Equipment

2A226, 2A292, 2B350, 2B999, 1B999: Chemical Production Equipment

1D390: Chemical Process Control Software

Analytical Equipment:

3A999: Analytical equipment

Protective Equipment:

1A004, 1A995: Protection and Detection Equipment

2B351: Toxic Gas Monitors, 2D351: Software


lE001, lE350, 1E351, lE355: Production, Design, & Disposal Technology

2E001, 2E002, 2E301: Development, Production, Use Technology

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