Boycott request reporting forms, necessary to report your receipt of a boycott request to the Bureau of Industry and Security’s Office of Antiboycott Compliance (OAC), are available in electronic versions or paper/carbon paper version. To access the electronic versions, click on the appropriate link below. You have the option of completing and submitting the form electronically from this website, or of completing and printing the form from this website and submitting the form by mail. You may also continue to use the paper/carbon paper version available upon request to our report processing unit ((202) 482-2448).

i)                   Electronic Submission: When the link for electronic submission opens, you may fill-in all required fields, attach required documentation in PDF format (as explained in the following "Instructions" page), and submit the completed form and attached documentation to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance by clicking “submit.” An electronic “submission confirmation” notification, confirming the date and time of receipt by OAC, will automatically be displayed on the reporting person’s screen. You may submit electronic transmissions only on the single transaction form which will electronically reproduce the reporting person’s identifying information to facilitate reporting of multiple transactions.

ii)                 Mail Submission: When the link for mail submission opens, you may, at your option, fill-in the form and then print a paper copy of the completed form (although it may not be saved for future editing in its electronic format), or you may print a blank form and complete it by either typing or printing your responses to the individual questions on the form in ink. When the form is complete, you will need to make a photocopy of your completed form and attach required documentation (as explained in the following "Instructions" page) before sending it to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance at the address printed on each form. The U.S. mail or courier delivery are the accepted modes of transmission.

For mail submissions, you have the option of filing a single transaction form for each reportable boycott request you receive, or filing a multiple transaction form for up to 75 reportable requests received within a single reporting period.

Links to BIS forms for reporting receipts of boycott requests:

1.      For Electronic Submission

2.      For Mail Submission

a)   Form BIS-621P (Report of Request for Restrictive Trade Practice or Boycott - - Single Transaction)

b)   Form BIS-6051P (Report of Request for Restrictive Trade Practice or Boycott - - Multiple Transactions), Sheet No. 1

c)      Form BIS-6051P-a (Report of Request for Restrictive Trade Practice or Boycott - Multiple Transactions (Continuation Sheet))

If you have questions about compliance with the Commerce Department's reporting requirements concerning receipts of boycott requests, you should first consult Export Administration Regulations, Section 760.5, which is entitled, "Reporting Requirements." Additional guidance about reporting boycott requests may be found in the attached Instructions and on the actual report forms. If, after consulting these resources, you still have questions, please contact us through our Web query page or call us on (202) 482-2381.

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