Have Our Specialists Review Your ECP
If you are writing an ECP for the first time or want some help updating an existing ECP, then we are here to help. Senior Export Compliance Specialists will review your ECP based on the Export Compliance Guidelines: The Elements of an Effective Export Compliance Program. This is a free service but companies are limited to just one submission. Typically, ECPs will be returned to the originator within 30 calendar days.

Submitting Your ECP
Send your written ECP via email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Format: PDF or Word
Include a description of your company or link to your "About Us" page

No Cookie Cutter Approach
Like fingerprints on a person, ECPs are unique to each company.  More importantly, an effective ECP requires a high-level of detail with easy to read instructions. Lofty and vague policy statements should be strictly limited in an ECP. Look to build, educate, and enhance whenever possible.

Resources on ECPs
Review our comprehensive guide to the eight elements, "Export Compliance Guidelines: The Elements of an Effective Export Compliance Program." This extensive book offers an in-depth explanation on the eight elements and how they relate to the requirements set in the Export Administration Regulations. Scattered throughout the book are examples, templates, charts, figures, and illustrations to assist you in drafting your own Export Compliance Manual.

Within the manual is the "Audit Module: Self-Assessment Tool." a checklist to compare your procedures against the Compliance Guidelines ECP. Whether you are developing your organization’s ECP manual for the first time or whether you are assessing your established ECP, it’s a good practice to periodically examine your procedures and see if you need to add, change or omit different parts.


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