• Former

    Former Florida CEO Pleads Guilty To Export Violations And Agrees To Pay Record $17 Million To Department of Commerce

  • Extension

    Extension of Comment Period to 1/10/19: Review of Controls for Certain Emerging Technologies, extension notice published 12/14/18 (83 FR 64299)

  • “$3

    “$3 Million Reward Announced for Information Leading to Arrest of Iranian Tied to Illegal Procurement of U.S. Technology

  • Procedures

    Procedures for Participating in User Testing of the New Commerce 232 Exclusion Process Portal published on November 26, 2018

  • BIS

    BIS publishes advanced notice of proposed rulemaking "Review of Controls for Certain Emerging Technologies."

  • Frequently

    Frequently Asked Questions Product Exclusions for Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

  • Addition

    Addition of an Entity to the Entity List (RIN 0694-AH67) (final rule) 10/30/18 (83 FR 54519)

  • Wassenaar

    Wassenaar Arrangement 2017 Plenary Agreements Implementation (Final Rule)

  • Request

    Request for Public Comments Regarding Foreign Disposition of Certain Commodities (Notice of Inquiry) 10/23/18 (83 FR 53411)

  • Suburban

    Suburban Chicago Man Guilty of Trying to Illegally Export Guns and Ammunition to Haiti

  • BIS

    BIS Annual Conference 2019 – Call for Your Suggestions

  • Texas

    Texas Resident Sentenced in South Florida to More Than 6 Years in Prison for Violations of the Cuban Embargo

  • Addition

    Addition of Certain Entities to the Entity List, Revision of an Entry on the Entity List and Removal of an Entity From the Entity List

  • Connecticut

    Connecticut Business Owner Sentenced for Export Violation

  • Change

    Change in Comment Deadline for Section 232 National Security Investigation of Imports of Uranium (notice) 9/10/18 (83 FR 45595)

  • Addition

    Addition of Certain Persons to the Entity List, Revision of Entries on the Entity List and Removal of Certain Entities From the Entity List (final rule) 9/4/18 (83 FR 44821)

  • Submissions

    Submissions of Exclusion Requests and Objections to Submitted Requests for Steel and Aluminum (interim final rule) 9/11/18 (83 46026)

  • Exclusion

    Exclusion Requests for Expedited Relief from Quantitative Limits – Existing Contract Update

  • Revisions

    Revisions to the Export Administration Regulations Based on the 2017 Missile Technology Control Regime Plenary Agreements (RIN 0694-AH46) (final rule) 8/30/18 (83 FR 44216).

  • BIS

    BIS publishes notice of inquiry "Commerce Control List: Request for Comments Regarding Controls on Certain Spraying or Fogging Systems and ‘Parts’ and ‘Components’ Therefore."

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The Export Administration Regulations concerning the requirement for U.S. Persons to report their receipt of certain boycott requests to the Department of Commerce may be found at 15 C.F.R. Section 760.5. Paragraph (a) explains which requests are reportable; paragraph (b) explains how and when to file a report; and paragraph (c) concerns disclosure of the information contained in the report (see Section 760.5 of the Export Administration Regulations).

Whether the report is transmitted electronically or by mail to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance, you must submit an original and one copy of each form and supporting documentation.

For electronic transmission, follow the prompts on the screen to mark and submit “Original” and “Public Inspection Copy.” For mail submission of paper reports, mark one of the sets (one report form and one copy of the document or page containing the boycott request) as the “Original.” Mark the second set “Public Inspection Copy.”

You may remove from the Public Inspection set any information that you believe would put a United States Person involved in the transaction at a competitive disadvantage and therefore should be protected from public disclosure (see guidance in 15 C.F.R. Section 760.5(c), “Disclosure of information,” and “Notice of Right to Protect Certain Information From Disclosure” at the top of each form. Each report form also contains boxes to check to indicate that you have elected to request confidentiality of certain information. See items 10 and 11 on Form BIS 621P, and item 5 on Form BIS 6051P).

Detailed instructions regarding completion of the individual questions on each form may be found on the forms themselves. Each report, however transmitted, must contain entries for every applicable item.

Note that in item 1a. on the report forms, the requested “Firm Identification No.” (FIN) is a number assigned to each company by BIS. If you do not know your company’s FIN, leave the space blank.

Note that the requested “Reference number” (item 6 on Form BIS 621P, and item 8 on Form BIS 6051P-a, Continuation Sheet) is a number or file name you use to identify the relevant transaction within your company and/or use when communicating with other companies involved in the transaction.

If your company received a reportable boycott request within the United States, your company has until the last day of the month following the calendar quarter in which the request was received to have your completed report postmarked or electronically date-stamped. (See subparagraph 4 under paragraph (b) to Section 760.5 for further details.)

If your company is located outside the United States and received a reportable boycott request, you have until the last day of the second month following the calendar quarter in which the request was received to have your completed report postmarked or electronically date-stamped. (See subparagraph 5 under paragraph (b) to Section 760.5 for further details.)

If you still have questions after reading the Section 760.5 regulations and the instructions here or questions about the actual reporting forms, please contact us through our Web query page or call us on (202) 482-2381.

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