US Additional Protocol (AP)

This is an entirely new one-day program led by a member of the BIS counseling staff and remotely supported by Encryption Licensing Officers of the BIS Information Technology Controls Division. The program will provide an examination of the current Export Administration Regulations ( EAR ) as they apply to the exportation of encryption items including the major revisions which became effective on June 25, 2010 .

The program will cover requirements for use of License Exception ENC and other license exceptions as applicable, mass market encryption provisions, self-classification of encryption items, 30-day ENC review requirements, SNAP -R Registration, Encryption Registration, Semi-Annual, Annual and Special Reporting and licensing including Encryption Licensing Arrangements. The program is directed toward hardware manufacturers, software developers, exporters, attorneys and other involved professionals. It is intended to provide these individuals the knowledge necessary to insure compliance with the EAR as well as to provide them sufficient tools to rapidly and effectively determine licensing/reporting requirements in a particular situation. This program is well suited for those who need a comprehensive understanding of their obligations under the EAR when involved in the exportation of encryption commodities, software and technology.

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