Douglas R. Hassebrock

Douglas R. Hassebrock is currently serving as the Director of the Office of Export Enforcement (OEE), Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), US Department of Commerce.  He is a member of the Senior Executive Service and the senior career criminal investigator within BIS.  He is responsible for National Security and the promotion of foreign policy objectives.  His law enforcement program is focused on three core areas:  Stopping the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and missile delivery systems, diversion of Commerce goods to terrorists or state sponsors of terror, and preventing commodities from being used for unauthorized military end-use.   

Prior his current position, he served as the Assistant Director, Investigations, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board where he led the oversight of over $787 Billion in economic stimulus spending.  Director Hassebrock started his career in law enforcement with the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) where he worked in many different areas including special access programs, counterintelligence, white collar crime, crimes against persons, and environmental crime.  He remains a Special Agent with OSI in a reserve military officer capacity in the rank of Colonel. 

Director Hassebrock has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Campbell University, NC, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Finance from Old Dominion University, VA.  He is also a graduate of the USAF Air War College and the USAF Air Command and Staff College. 


John D. Sonderman

John Sonderman is the Deputy Director of the Office of Export Enforcement, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), US Department of Commerce. He supervises OEE's investigative and national security programs. Mr. Sonderman has been with BIS since 1997.

Prior to joining BIS, he worked for the Office of Defense Trade Controls at the U.S. Department of State.

Mr. Sonderman holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the American University in Washington, D.C. He has received five Department of Commerce Gold Medal awards and two National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citations. Mr. Sonderman was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in 2011.


Norma J. Curtis

Norma Curtis is the Assistant Director for Investigative Programs for the Office of Export Enforcement, Bureau of Industry and Security, US Department of Commerce. She supervises OEE's investigative programs.

Ms. Curtis has been with the Department of Commerce since 1987 and a Special Agent with BIS since 1996.

Ms. Curtis holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia. She has received four Department of Commerce medals, and is the recipient of the Department of Justice Office of the United States Attorney award.


Ahmed Salem

Ahmed Salem is the Assistant Director of the National Security Programs Division of the Office of Export Enforcement, Bureau of Industry and Security, US Department of Commerce. He supervises national security programs and operations for OEE. Mr. Salem joined BIS in 2015.

Prior to joining BIS, Mr. Salem served as Supervisory Special Agent, Threat Management Branch Chief with the Federal Protective Service, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He also served as a Task Force Officer on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. Additionally, Mr. Salem served as a Supervisory Intelligence Analyst with the FBI as well as serving as the Deputy Desk Chief for Middle East / Counterterrorism Desk for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Prior to federal law enforcement, Mr. Salem served in the U.S. Army, as a Supervisory Counterintelligence Special Agent, where he Supervised Counterintelligence Agents performing Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence operations in Iraq.

Mr. Salem holds a Bachelor's degree from the American Military University and is also a graduate of the FBI Executive Development Institute.


OEE special agents are sworn Federal law enforcement officers with authority to make arrests, execute search warrants, serve subpoenas, and detain and seize goods about to be illegally exported. OEE investigations are initiated on information and intelligence obtained from a variety of sources, and are conducted to objectively and thoroughly gather testimony and evidence of alleged or suspected violations of dual-use export control laws. OEE works closely with attorneys with the Department of Justice and the Office of Chief Counsel for Industry and Security to prosecute criminal and administrative cases

Sentinel Program:

Many end-use checks are conducted through BIS' Sentinel Program. Trained OEE Special Agents are deployed from the United States to countries to visit the end-users of sensitive controlled commodities and determine whether these items are being used in accordance with license conditions. Sentinel teams assess the suitability of foreign end-users to receive U.S.-origin licensed goods and technology, assess prospective end-users on pending license applications for diversion risk, and conduct educational outreach to foreign trade groups. In this way, Sentinel trips help to create the confidence needed to foster trade while strengthening U.S. national security.


Outreach Program:

The purpose of the Outreach program is to prevent illegal exports by educating industry about export controls and eliciting industry’s cooperation in protecting our national security and foreign policy objectives. An Outreach contact is a one-on-one visit with the representative of a company. It is normally done in person, but under certain instances, it can be conducted over the phone. The types of companies contacted include, but are not limited to, manufacturers, exporters, and freight forwarders. See the Outreach Packet for more information.

•    Conduct complex investigations
•    Provide expertise in dual-use technology to other law enforcement partners
•    Provide computer forensic evidence recovery to criminal investigations
•    Provide outreach and education to the export industry
•    Provide support to US Government and Foreign Government partners to affect compliance with US export laws

Special Agent / Criminal Investigator (1811) - OEE employs Special Agents to carry out is National Security mission assigned to eight domestic Special Agent in Charge field offices listed below with opportunities for forward area assignments to additional domestic locations (22 locations overall).  Opportunities also exist to serve as Export Control Officers (ECOs) in the Foreign Commercial Service serving in multiple foreign locations. Detail opportunities exist to serve as liaison/interdiction officers in other law enforcement organizations, Intelligence Community partners and various joint task forces.

Export Compliance Specialist (1801) - OEE employs Export Compliance Specialists which support the OEE mission by providing administrative and investigative support.

*When OEE is accepting applications, positions are posted on the USAJOBS website where you can apply directly. Once the application is reviewed, you will be notified of any further processing. Please make sure that your application is completed thoroughly and includes all work experience, internships, supervisory positions, computer experience, training, special skills, foreign language proficiency, and government general schedule grade.


All new OEE Special Agents receive their entry-level training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. The training requires that each trainee meet physical requirements that are located on the FLETC Web site at The candidates attend a mandatory, 12-week Criminal Investigator Training Program with other federal law enforcement trainees. This course offers new agents training in firearms and other weapons, defensive tactics, forensics, crime scene processing, interrogations and interviews, court testimony, and federal law. Upon graduation, new OEE Special Agents spend one year performing on-the-job training (OJT) at their assigned field office. Upon successful completion of OJT, some agents receive specialized training in seized computer evidence recovery and upon successful completion of this advanced training serve as Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialists (SCERS).

Special Agent Assignments

OEE conducts its enforcement operation from its headquarters in Washington, D.C., eight field offices located in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Jose, and Washington, D.C., and resident offices in Atlanta, Houston, and Portland. Additionally, Special Agents may be forward-assigned to additional domestic locations which are located in Charlotte, Cincinnati, Denver, Huntsville, Minneapolis, New Haven, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, and Savannah. OEE also has Export Control Officers (ECOs) in seven overseas locations. ECOs are OEE personnel on detail to the Foreign Commercial Service and report directly to the Embassies to which they are posted, with direction and oversight by Export Enforcement. ECOs are posted in: Beijing, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, New Delhi, and Singapore.


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