Advisory Opinion

A request for guidance related to a specific transaction or set of circumstances that may include asking BIS for guidance on whether a license is required or likely to be granted; the particular licensing policy related to a given end-use, end-user, or destination; or interpretations of specific provisions of the EAR, and how they relate to your transaction.

Regulatory Inquiry

A request for guidance on policies and practices in the EAR, for example: how to apply a specific provision in the EAR, such as license exceptions, to a specific transaction.

One-Time De Minimis Reports

A one-time report which is required before you may rely on the de minimis exclusion from licensing for foreign-made technology that is commingled with controlled U.S.-origin technology. See § 734.4(d)(3) and Supplement No. 2 to part 734 of the EAR.

General Inquiry: [currently greyed-out]

General advice from BIS for exporters, for example: do I need an export license for my transaction; how do I find my item’s Export Control Classification Number (ECCN); how do I apply for a license; etc.

NOTE: Do not use this form for encryption or item classification requests. For encryption or item classification requests, please go to SNAP-R (insert link).


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