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May 24th Public Hearing - 232 Steel Hearing Livestream via YouTube

Schedule of Hearing Testimony

Steel 232 Hearing Transcript

Public Hearing Testimony

1. U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (Ohio)

2. Yu Gu, First Secretary, People's Republic of China, Ministry of Commerce

3. Alexander Zhmykhov, Deputy Head of Economic Section, Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the USA

4. Karl Tachelet, Director of International Affairs, Eurofer

5. Vitalii Tarasiuk, Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of Ukraine

6. David Rintoul, President U.S. Steel Tubular Products, United States Steel Corporation

7. John Ferriola, CEO/President, Nucor Corporation

8. Roger Newport, CEO, AK Steel Corporation

9. John Brett, CEO/President, ArcelorMittal USA

10. Barbara Smith, COO/President, Commercial Metals Company

11. Thomas Gibson, CEO/President, American Iron and Steel Institute

12. Ward Timken, CEO/President, Timken Steel Corporation

13. Barry Zekelman, CEO/Chairman, Zekelman Industries

14. Dennis M. Oates, Chairman, Specialty Steel Industry of North America

15. Terrence Hartford, Vice President, ATI Defense

16. Lourenco Goncalves, CEO/President, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.

17. John Adams, President, Guardian Six LLC

18. John Phelps Stupp, CEO/President, Stupp Bros., Inc.

19. Ryan Chadwick, Vice President/General Counsel, Ipsco Tubulars, Inc. (TMK IPSCO)

20. Tim Johns, Vice President of Manufacturing, Nippon Steel and Sumikin Cold Heading Wire Indiana

21. Byeong Bae Lee, President, Hyundai Steel America

22. Gary Horlick, International Trade Counsel, American Institute for International Steel

23. Robert Budway, President, Can Manufacturers Institute

24. Tracey Norberg, Senior VP and General Counsel, U.S. Tire Manufacturer’s Association

25. Suzi Agar, President, Air Distribution Institute (ADI)

26. John Cross, Steelscape LLC

27. Jim Tennant, CEO, Ohio Coatings Company

28. Leo Gerard, International President, United Steelworkers

29. David Zalesne, Vice Chairman, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and President, Owen Steel Company

30. Philip Bell, President, Steel Manufacturers Association

31. Bill Geary, Chairman, Cold Finished Steel Bar Institute

32. Ed Vore, Chairman/President, The Committee on Pipe and Tube Imports

33. Raymond Monroe, Executive Vice President, Steel Founders' Society of America

34. Mark Millett, President/CEO, Steel Dynamics

35. Alexander Maass, President, Maass Flange Corporation

36. Robert Landry, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Port of New Orleans

37. Joel Johnson, CEO, Borusan Mannesmann Pipe U.S. (BMP)

38. Autoliv- Public Comment

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