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Prospective VEUs must provide written certification to the U.S. Government that the items proposed for receipt under Authorization VEU will be used in accordance with VEU program restrictions, and must provide detailed information to verify compliance with the overall requirements of the VEU program (e.g., an internal compliance plan).  Additionally, VEUs are often required to comply with conditions similar to those found in individual licenses, as well as to submit regular reports on their use of the items received under Authorization VEU to the U.S. Government. 

Entities applying for qualification as a VEU must also agree to allow the U.S. Government to conduct inspections of the facility or facilities in which the U.S. origin items received under Authorization VEU will be used. These inspections are known as “on-site reviews,” and are similar to the “end-use checks” that the U.S. Government routinely conducts at facilities that have imported U.S.-origin items under individual licenses.


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