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Yes. BIS may authorize your export or reexport under a license when the export or reexport does not qualify for License Exception CCD. BIS will consider, on a case-by-case basis, applications to export or reexport telecommunications equipment and associated computers, software and technology for civil end use. In particular, BIS recognizes the significance of telecommunications items that are useful for the development of civil telecommunications network infrastructure.The facilitation of the free flow of information in Sudan can only occur effectively if there is adequate telecommunications infrastructure to support the consumer communications devices authorized by License Exception CCD. Consequently, BIS will review applications to export and reexport telecommunications-related items, including items useful for the development of civil telecommunications network infrastructure, on a case-by-case basis. License applicants should describe the specific civil end use of the items and their function in the development of civil telecom network infrastructure (see note to Section 742.10(b) (3)) in their license applications or in letters of explanation attached to the applications.

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