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For the purposes of License Exception Consumer Communications Devices (CCD), a "consumer" item is an item that is: (1) generally available to the public by being sold, without restriction, from stock at retail selling points by means of any of the following: (a) over-the counter transactions; (b) mail order transactions; (c) electronic transactions; or (d) telephone call transactions; and (2) designed for installation by the user without further substantial support by the supplier. In Section 740.19 (b) of the EAR, the term "consumer" describes the types of computers ((b) (1)), disk drives and storage equipment ((b)(2)), information security equipment, software, and peripherals ((b)(12)), and software ((b)(17)) that may be exported under License Exception CCD. The definition of "consumer" applies regardless of whether the item being exported or reexported is sold or donated.

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