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Most items described on the Commerce Control List require authorization in the form of a license from BIS for export or reexport to Sudan under Section 742.10 of the EAR, the provision that establishes license requirements and related license review policies for exports and reexports to Sudan. License Exception CCD is an example of an authorization that allows persons to export or reexport certain enumerated consumer communications devices subject to the EAR to Sudan that would otherwise require a license from BIS. If a license exception is available for a contemplated export or reexport to Sudan, the licensing requirements specified in Section 742.10 do not apply. The availability of License Exception CCD, however, is restricted to exports and reexports under certain defined circumstances. Please review Section 740.2 of the EAR, which contains restrictions on the availability of all license exceptions, including License Exception CCD. You should also review the General Prohibitions set forth in Part 736 and the license requirements and policies set forth in Part 744 (end-use and end-user concerns). Persons who are unfamiliar with the structure of the EAR or the relationship of license exceptions to license requirements generally may wish to consult the BIS online training room

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