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This rule amended Section 742.10 (15 CFR 742.10) of the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR Parts 730-774) to revise the general licensing policy of denial to one of case-by-case review for exports and reexports to Sudan of certain telecommunications equipment and associated computers, software, and technology, including items that are useful for the development of civil telecommunications network infrastructure. It also revised License Exception Consumer Communications Devices (CCD), Section 740.19 of the EAR (15 CFR 740.19), which previously applied only to Cuba, to authorize exports and reexports of such devices to Sudan, either for sale or donation. This rule also made conforming changes to License Exception Temporary Imports, Export, Reexports and Transfers (in-country) (TMP) (Section 740.9 of the EAR (15 CFR 740.9). Finally, it removed a license requirement for reexports to Sudan of certain telecommunications software.

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