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Generally speaking, the use of imprecise language on a license application causes processing delays and/or the inclusion of additional conditions. Imprecise language (e.g., phrases such as "including but not limited to") creates the impression that the license applicant is unsure or undecided about the details of the proposed transaction, therefore creating a requirement for BIS and its interagency partners to impose restrictions (in the form of conditions) on the license in order to protect the United States' national security and foreign policy interests.

The inclusion of specific information on license applications for transactions involving especially sensitive items or proposed for shipment to sensitive locations is helpful in facilitating BIS's processing. For example, before processing license applications for the export of satellites, BIS and its interagency partners need to know the name and address of the organization or company facilitating the satellite's launch. Exporters who are unsure about what specific information should be included to facilitate a license application for a specified item or to a specified location should contact BIS.

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